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Web Services

Obtain domain names, hosting services

Re-design of existing webs  

Incorporating existing marketing or logos

Design and creation from "concept to final product"

Digital photograph editing, formatting for the web

Text writing, drafting, editing

Search engine submission

On-going maintenance and update services


Web Design Goals

Visitors expect basics such as:

a) visual appeal

b) ease of navigation

c) current and informative content

      Often, all this can be accomplished with a design that takes into account the need for minimal site maintenance to keep it up to date. Today, the proliferation and ease of utilizing blogs and facebook creates a wonderful opportunity for us to incorporate these other types of sites into a good, solid website.

A website can be a powerful tool:

A web presence can draw travelling customers to your business before, during and after their travel to your town.  

For professionals, a web presence can save you time if the information your customers request repeatedly is incorporated into the web.  

For any business, a website is an outstanding 24/7 communication tool.

For artists, the web design can be a reflection of your personality, individual artistic talent and vision.

 Quality digital photographs are a critical element to meeting these web design goals for many types of businesses.


Web Gallery  

Please view the Web Gallery to see how various businesses utilize this powerful tool.  

While some clients have given little specific web design direction, others have had very clear direction, examples to describe their web vision and a close review of nearly each sentence and photograph.  Designing a website is a team effort in any event.  

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