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Today's higher end digital cameras' print product is difficult to distinguish from that of film cameras, particularly when the highest quality archival printing is utilized.

Since the first digital cameras I owned in 1996 I've shot almost exclusively digital and I continue to find that the convenience is tough to beat.  The ability to have speedy feedback and control over the final product suits the demands of my work and lifestyle today.  

While my Canon full sized sensor camera has many adjustments, settings,  optional filters and programs, I prefer to keep the photograph relatively simple and apply few of these adjustments in capturing the image.   Similarly,  I prefer not to  significantly adjust the image later as I've learned that an image is usually either a good image or not.  Of course, there are exceptions to every rule and final print preparation steps to optimize the output are mandatory.  

Adobe Photoshop CS (and all of its updates and related products) are my primary output preparation tools for all prints, cards and related work. 

Archival giclĂ©e prints are personally created on my Epson R2400 for the highest quality, most fade resistant prints.  The K3 ultrachrome pigment inks produce long-lasting fine art prints of extremely wide color gamut, amazing color fidelity and color stability. The highest quality of papers are used in satin, matte, canvas and other fine art papers, as dictated by the print and use.  Prints larger than a 13X19" canvas and commercial postcards and business cards are outsourced to the best professional printers available.  


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