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In addition to the public websites below, other sites are currently under construction and are expected to be published soon.

Welcome to the Rotary Club of Rossland

The Rotary Club of Rossland is a small Club, but we wanted to improve communications to the Rossland community about what we do and why. We combined the site with periodic coordinated email distributions (through Vertical Response). Together, the combination of this very small and low maintenance site and the emails has greatly improved visibility, helped us to recruit new members and helped us explain what projects benefit from donations and sponsorships. I expect a few more additions to the site, as the Club learns and experiences more of how it can help us.



The Friends of the Rossland Range Society was created in early 2004 to implement a permanent solution to protect a 5,000 hectare area near Rossland, BC,  reknown for its excellent hiking, wildlife viewing and general recreational activity.   In 2014, the Rossland Range Recreation Site was formed and the website needed updating to meet the needs of many community volunteers working in the area on shelters, access, historical projects and more.

Renée Silvus: Luminaire

R Silvus is a coach, trainer, and facilitator based in McCall, Idaho. Using her experience with individuals, groups and businesses, coupled with her academic and industry background, she can design a unique program that meets your specific needs. These services are provided through Luminaire.

In 2016, we setup a wordpress site for Renée to manage the site on her own, revising text and features as she likes. She has done a wonderful job, proving it's possible to take control of it yourself!


Sonfield & Sonfield

My father's law practice has a long and interesting family history and he has very specialized legal experience, all of which he wanted to make easily accessible to clients and potential clients who need his expertise. So, we collected historical family information and highlights of his experience and created a website that has already been productive in the short time it has been published. I was flattered to be asked to remake this important tool and it will be interesting to keep it up to date and useful.


Rotary District 5080 Youth Exchange

Rotary District 5080 Youth Exchange is a program that sends particularly bright and motivated high school age students to other countries in exchange for similar students who come to District 5080. The program is a Rotary International authorized and supported program for international and intercultural understanding.  The District needed an updated site to provide easy access to the program information for all participants:  from students and families to participating Rotary Clubs and administrators of the program. 


Mavens' Haven

The Mavens’ Haven in Lucile, Idaho offers classes, retreats and botanical forays in support of herbal medicine, healthy and local cuisine, wilderness and homesteading skills, ethical sustainability, creative writing, and guided meditation and contemplative practices. This site is a tool to share event information, register participants and provide information about the Haven.

Over 100 members strong and recently awarded  the "USTA Community Tennis Association of the Year Award" for the USTA's Intermountain Region, the McCall Community Tennis Association wants to continue to promote tennis in the McCall area. 

This non-profit's website was created to allow the organization to continue to grow and to facilitate communication about events, clinics, league play and awards/grants to members and others.

The Board of the Woodlands Homeowners' Association in McCall, Idaho created this site to promote communications among the homeowners and as a repository for important community documents.  Because the Board members change from year to year, easy access to key documents and historical decisions  makes their  job  easier.

The McCall Hiking Club is a not-for-profit club of over 100 members based in beautiful McCall, Idaho. 

The website was created in May, 2004 to allow the club to provide monthly hiking schedules to members, potential members and friends, as well as to share photographs and stories.   IN 2015, it was updated to allow the club to post their own photos and schedule.

Sheree, you have such good judgement --  our website is just great!  Thank you so much, Susan Waters, Founder,  McCall Hiking Club

The Doctor's Office Café in Friday Harbor, locally known as the "DO" , is an inviting place to relax, enjoy homemade soups, locally roasted coffees and also offers a variety of entertainment for its customers.

The owner and I created  her website to share the menu, daily soup specials and info about evening entertainment to Friday Harbor locals and visitors. She recently sold the business and retired.

Margaret Fuller is truly "the grand dame of Idaho hiking" having published her first guide to Idaho trails in the late 90's and continuing to update them today.  She is an author and co-author of at least 7 books about hiking and the mountains, and recipient of many awards for her writing and contributions to preservation of the wild.

Her current website was outdated and didn't adequately give her due, so we worked together to update the information about her as an author and the books, including quotes, sample hikes,  more images and an overall appealing and colorful look but with a navigation system that is now more simple and easy to use.   We also saved her a considerable annual fee for hosting and domain services.

Idaho's magnificent and extraordinary hiking trails are featured on this page that Margaret Fuller and I created with images and descriptions of many of the most popular hiking destinations in Idaho.  The page is an excellent overview of Idaho hiking and how to get more hiking and trails resources.

Thea Belecz creates fiber art of quilted mixed media images using whatever materials she believes necessary to convey the emotions and ideas she wishes to share with  the viewer.  Her work can utilize  a velvet swatch,  a square of brass screening, buttons, beads, organza, tulle, net, and fishing lures, but it is always colorful and engaging.  Thea lives and works in McCall, Idaho.  

 We created Thea's website to show her portfolio 24/7 to those interested in her work and designs.

Thea Belecz is a professional fiber artist and she also created a business making handmade and organic products and therapies offered through Thea's Bee Beautiful.  Thea studied for years how to create these organic products  and she decided to share "how she makes it"  and "what she makes it from" on her website which also described and promotes her products.  She has since sold the business and concentrates on her fiber art.

Post Art & Framing Impressions

Claude Stormes Artist

Post Impressions Art and Framing was both the art studio of painter Claude Stormes and the couple's business of artwork framing and picture framing.  Rather than create 2 separate websites, Claude, Roberta and I created a single site that tells the viewer about the art, artwork framing and why the combination business is beneficial to potential customers interested in Claude's creative artwork and their quality artwork and picture  framing services. When they retired the Framing business, we simply removed the Framing portion of the site, to leave just Claude's beautiful paintings and artwork.

Susan K. Waters is an accomplished artist who changed her creative course in life in about 2008 to develop an enormously successful line of "Table Art by Susan".  All her work is designed and handcrafted by Susan, unique and one of a kind.

Customers requested her website address often, so we created this site and kept it up to date. Customers and Susan use the site as a basis for placing orders for her one of a kind items.

 Now retired, she had a year round show schedule in Arizona and Idaho, and we kept this up to date. Customers told her how much they appreciated knowing the show schedule to find her easily.

Jan Bittenbender creates beaded art jewelry that is intricate and creative, colorful and timeless, accented with precious and semi-precious gems, crystals and pearls. All designs are unique and one-of-a-kind.  

Jan lives and works in McCall, Idaho.

 We created Jan's website to show her portfolio 24/7 to those interested in her work and designs.

Whistle Tours was a small family business offering personalized backcountry ski tours in the Kootenays near Rossland, BC, Canada. 

The website was a cost-effective marketing and advertising tool, drawing business from Europe, Australia, the US and other parts of Canada. Also, it provided a venue to post photographs of the tours and encourage continued contact and long lasting relationships with repeat customers.

This website was designed in 2005 for this busy retail establishment in Rossland, BC, then re-designed to incorporate a new logo and to reflect the client's much larger business in new retail space.  As the business changed and grew, the basic and initial web design was kept, but colors, featured products, logos and information was expanded.

This website has proven itself to be an effective and informative tool for the growth and presence of this successful business.

Freelance journalist Christie Gorsline writes feature articles and essays of her personal travel adventures.  She also writes editorials, essays of current topics and award-winning historical pieces.

Christie's first website was created to allow her to efficiently  share her writing and other skills with her colleagues.  This was her first personal introduction to the benefits of a website.

After a few years, Christie increased her work, bought an Apple and created her own website, on her very own. I am very proud of her accomplishments and still continue to provide this link and story as a great example of creativity in web design by anyone who commits to the learning process.

The McCall Artist Connection was created in 2004 in McCall, Idaho to support the individual needs of artists in the McCall community. In a very short time, the group grew to about 30 members then to nearly 50 members, with 2 annual shows and regular networking and educational meetings. The site supported the group's image in the community and provides exposure for individual artists also through the member page.

In 2011, a member of the organization took over site management, re-designed the site to the group's current needs and retained the domain name.

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